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5 Colossal Challenges of Selling Virtually
This is a defining moment for every sales organization.

If you are scrambling to equip a sales organization to sell virtually, this is no small task. And much is at stake. To say your customers are very distracted right now is an understatement. Distractions at home, thoughts of the future, and to make matters worse, every rep and marketing executive has nothing but time on their hands to pump information into the market. Bottom line, there is a lot of noise out there.

Post pandemic, your customers’ loyalty will either improve or decline. It won’t be static. And how your sales organization responds during this time will determine the outcome. Unfortunately, you have a short window to transition from “racquetball” to
“tennis.” While they’re seemingly similar sports (i.e. using a racket to hit a ball), the skills and the game are vastly different. The first step is to understand those important differences.

Here at ASLAN, we’ve spent the last 20+ years training reps to sell remotely. Based on our experience and research, if you want to help the reps make this monumental transformation, you must address “the big 5.”



Overcome These Challenges!